Navajo council fails in vote to remove top officials
The Navajo Nation Council failed to pass a resolution that would have suspended President Joe Shirley Jr. and Vice President Ben Shelly from office.

The council is conducting an ongoing investigation into the tribe's dealings with two companies. "The reports reveal serious impropriety and serious violations within the executive branch of the Navajo Nation," council spokesperson Joshua Butler told The Farmington Daily Times.

But the resolution failed to pass by a 45-18 vote on Tuesday. "You need some egregious violations to do this," George Hardeen, a spokesperson for Shirley, told the paper.They just don't exist."

At issue are contracts with OnSat Network Communications and Biochemical Decontamination Systems, or BCDS. An audit showed OnSat may have over-billed the tribe for Internet service that was later terminated.

BCDS was doing business with the tribe but came under fire because its top executive is a convicted felon.

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