Yellow Bird: Veterans Memorial Wall an inspiration
"I’ve always written sparingly about war — whether it be today’s Middle East conflicts or the seemingly endless past war in Vietnam — because most of the time, I see most wars as being not only senseless, but also raw and cruel. I see it from the view of mothers, wives, children and family who pray and wait for the return of their loved one.

So, when I went to Mahnomen, Minn., to see the American Veterans Traveling Tribute for “those who gave all,” I was rather hesitant because it was about war. But I found that you can honor service without honoring war, and this memorial was a good example.

Saturday was chilly and fall-like when I headed for the big white tents and the milling crowds some three or four blocks from the Shooting Star casino. As I crossed the road into the fray, I could smell brats and hamburgers cooking. I automatically moved in that direction.

The first person I saw was Paul Goodiron, Hidatsa, from the Three Affiliated Tribes in North Dakota, who was standing behind his family. They were getting a bite to eat.

I’ve known Paul for many years, but I know him best because I did a story about his son, Nathan, who died a few years ago in Iraq. A sniper hidden behind one of the buildings shot through the military vehicle, and “son” was hit directly."

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Dorreen Yellow Bird: Veterans Memorial Wall still inspires (The Grand Forks Herald 8/27)

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