Yellow Bird: Chokecherries, the wonder fruit

"Despite today's Arctic temperatures, I feel winter beginning to ease her grip. I'm looking forward to the spring thaw, rushing water leaping and dancing down the prairie hills and coulees. I'll soon be searching for the tiny buds of the chokecherry tree.

I remember the fragrance of the blooming trees and tart-berry taste of the deep purple chokecherries that will ripen in July.

This year, more than ever, I am eager to renew my relationship with the chokecherry because I've learned they are a wonder fruit, and they're wild and free for the taking in many places.

I've always known that this fruit was good medicine. My grandmother introduced me to many wild plants, but chokecherries - well, no self-respecting connoisseur of the Plains bounty would have a cupboard that lacks at least one jar of chokecherry jelly.

These fruits are harbingers for me. Many times when they visit me in my dreams, they predict poor or good health. I might be walking in a green valley (in a dream) and will come upon wild chokecherries hanging in clusters, full and rich. Then again, I might see them green or just turning red, still bitter. I am most concerned when I see the clusters full of webs, small and dry."

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Dorreen Yellow Bird: Take two chokecherries and call in the morning (The Grand Forks Herald 2/20)

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