Yellow Bird: Grandchildren are the greatest gift

"If there are gifts for the elderly, surely one of the greatest is grandchildren, and it’s a gift that should be held carefully and thoughtfully.

I am reminded of that gift because my granddaughter, Eliza Dorreen Yellow Bird (she was named after me), stopped by on her way home from Dartmouth College in Hanover, N.H. I haven’t seen her for several months. She has grown into a beautiful young woman.

Sure, we all see our children and grandchildren through these glasses coated with love and admiration. But for this child, Eliza, it is all true . . . or so says her “Namma” (my grandchildren’s name for me).

In this day, where aging and growing old is likened to a disease, it is good to be reminded that aging is also a gift. When I see my grandchildren, I see my own grandmother and my great-grandmother; I see my ancestors through the ages and my descendants yet to come. And I feel contented and renewed."

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Our progeny: Aging’s greatest gift (The Grand Forks Herald 3/15)

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