Yellow Bird: Program graduates Indian nurses at UND

"As I arrived at the UND School of Nursing, I could hear the clatter of fixing and fussing that goes on when a new building is in the making. Pick-ups were backed up to the building, and men were carrying things in and out of the new part of the school.

The school is growing, and our communities will be the better for the growth.

Deb Wilson, director of the RAIN (Recruitment/retention of American Indians into Nursing) program, asked me to moderate a panel of four alumni who came to talk about their paths into nursing. I’ve always admired this dedicated program that has, almost single-handedly, staffed many of the Indian Health Service’s clinics and hospitals.

Ninety-five percent of the RAIN program’s graduates return to Indian country to help their communities.

It’s an admirable field and one that is extremely important to us when we’re in the hospital or in trouble with our health. As I mentioned in a recent column, I spent some time recently in the hospital. Nurses can make you feel better just by a kind word; but for a patient, the most important benefit is knowing the nurses are experts in their field."

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Dorreen Yellow Bird: The dreams that draw students into nursing (The Grand Forks Herald 4/19)

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