Nevada loses court challenge to Yucca Mountain

MAP: Tribes located near Yucca Mountain site.
The D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals rejected the state of Nevada's challenge to the Yucca Mountain nuclear waste dump.

The state said the Energy Department violated environmental law and federal procedures in developing a transportation shipment plan. But the court said some of the claims were too early to consider and others were without merit.

The federal government plans to store up to 77,000 tons of waste at Yucca Mountain, located within Western Shoshone treaty territory. The schedule has slipped considerably and it could be years before the facility opens.

Several Western Shoshone tribes oppose the site but the Walker River Paiute Tribe recently dropped its opposition to a rail line that would be used to transport nuclear waste.

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YUCCA MOUNTAIN PROJECT: Judges reject Nevada lawsuit (The Las Vegas Review-Journal 8/9)
Court Rejects Nev. Yucca Mountain Appeal (AP 8/9)

Court Decision:
Nevada v. Department of Energy (August 8, 2006)

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