Study advocates keeping nuclear waste aboveground
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The National Academy of Sciences released a report on Thursday that advocates aboveground storage of radioactive nuclear waste at the Yucca Mountain site in Nevada.

The report recommends a "staged" approach in order to assure that the waste, when moved underground, will be safe. The Salt Lake Tribune says this could keep a proposed site on the Goshute Skull Valley Reservation open longer than expected.

The Goshute tribe has agreed to store up to 44,000 tons of waste on the reservation. The proposal is opposed by state politicians.

Nevada's politicians, residents and area tribes oppose the Yucca Mountain site. It would be built on Western Shoshone land not ceded by any treaty.

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Study May Stretch N-Waste Stay in Utah (The Salt Lake Tribune 2/7)
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National Academy of Sciences Report:
Press Release | Full Report

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