Nevada objections lead to nuclear rewrite
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MAY 18, 2001

Members of Nevada's Congressional delegation said their displeasur with drafts of President Bush's energy policy led to changes in the plan's nuclear proposals.

Senators John Ensign (R) and Harry Reid (D) said the drafts they reviewed contained too much strong language towards the establishment of Yucca Mountain in the state as a national nuclear repository. Yucca Mountain is currently being reviewed as a potential site, but has not received the final recommendation from Energy Secretary Spencer Abraham.

Officials and lawmakers in the state have opposed the designation as a dump site since it came under consideration in 1986. Tribes and citizen groups also oppose the site.

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Revisions ease stance on Yucca Mountain (The Las Vegas Review-Journal 5/18)

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Reliable, Affordable, and Environmentally Sound Energy for America’s Future (The White House 5/17)
ERRATA: Corrections (The White House 5/17)

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