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Louisiana tribe seeks help after two hurricanes

The United Houma Nation of Louisiana would receive more assistance if it were federally recognized, the tribal liaison at the Federal Emergency Management Agency says.

The tribe is recognized by the state but FEMA treats it like any other community, liaison Joseph Hesbrook said. If the tribe had federal recognition, it would be eligible for assistance with public buildings, roads and bridges and temporary shelters, Hesbrook said.

The Houmas were hit by Hurricane Katrina and Hurricane Rita. Tribal leaders have described absolute devastation of some communities.

The tribe of 16,000 has been seeking federal recognition through the Bureau of Indian Affairs. A negative proposed finding was issued in 1993 and the tribe is waiting on a final determination.

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La. Tribe Seeks Consideration in Hurricane Aftermath (Scripps Howard Foundation 10/27)

Senate Bill:
Louisiana Katrina Reconstruction Act (S.1766)

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