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'Baby K' heads home to Navajo Nation after 17 years

After spending 17 years with a non-Native family, Allyssa Kristen Keetso-Pitts, once known as "Baby K," has returned to her roots on the Navajo Nation.

Keetso-Pitts, 17, has moved in with her paternal grandmother in Red Lake, Arizona. She wants to learn the Navajo language and other tribal traditions.

Keetso-Pitts was put up for adoption by her mother, Patricia Keetso-Polacca. The Navajo Nation became involved because the Indian Child Welfare Act wasn't being followed. The non-Native family was granted custody in an open guardianship but the tribal judge ordered them to remain in contact with Allyssa's biological family.

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Dispute in the past, 'Baby K' back home (The Arizona Republic 7/6)

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