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Column: Columbus Day is only a parade for protesters

"The ironic truth about Denver�s October ritual is that if not for the protesters � those who will be arrested and those of us watching the shindig curbside - no one would see the parade at all.

Nobody comes to this parade but the protesters, quite possibly because the thing is a bust. The parade, which lasts for all of ten or 15 minutes, features men and women in cars � nothing flashy � and quite a few on motorcycles (these are the ones most likely to greet curbside protesters with the one-finger salute, while revving their engines for emphasis).

Teenagers on a few flat-bed trucks throw candy at the protesting spectators (a bit too energetically, thank you very much. Last year I almost lost an eye to a grape-flavored Jolly Rancher).

There are Italian Americans participating in the parade and in the protests.

I�m not anti-Italian. I�m anti-Columbus.

I�m also perfectly willing to acknowledge that Columbus was an adventurous and courageous explorer. Unfortunately, he was also a brutal enslaver and greedy exploiter of human and natural resources."

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Dani Newsum: Denver's Columbus Day -- exposed! (The Denver Post 1/27)

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