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Opinion: Be proud of Wal-Mart, and Columbus too

"While, understandably, Columbus Day may not be a day of celebration for Indians, the facts of history challenge the tired old argument that Columbus' legacy is one of disease, misery, and heartless barbarism.

Well before Columbus' arrival, the Aztecs of Tenochtitlan ---- a North American tribe ---- thought it necessary to offer their deities human hearts and, to this end, conquered entire enemy tribes then proceeded to cut them into pieces ---- sometimes letting them bleed atop the sacred pyramids for months ---- and feast on their flesh before removing their heart and offering it to their deity; thus, the killings ---- which sometimes exceeded 1,000 per week ---- were sanctified.

These dynamics are the very pulse of our modern society. Even Wal-Mart ---- one of which just opened at the very site of the once blood-drenched pagan city of Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City) ---- is a virtual testament to the iron will and reckless audacity of expansion in the name of progress, as well as the enterprising spirit that is Christopher Columbus."

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