Letters: Columbus Day marches and more
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Mark Cohen: "In an article about the events on Columbus Day in which I was quoted, The Post stated that I and other Transform Columbus Day Alliance members "believe" Columbus committed genocide against indigenous peoples, implying that there is a legitimate dispute as to whether he did. This makes no more sense than stating that the Italian-American community "believes" that Columbus sailed from Spain in 1492. Columbus's acts of genocide against the Tainos and other indigenous peoples are established, accepted historical fact."

Alan E. Deegan: "The conquistadors who followed Columbus committed horrific atrocities on native citizens, but to put the blame on one man is a retrospective lynching. Queen Isabella and Charles V condemned such maltreatment and issued many edicts against it, but the vast distances, weak-willed local officials and primitive communications muted the message. Neither does history find the locals peaceable innocents. The Caribs encountered by Columbus had already conquered and savaged the Anawaks, the Aztecs dominated by Cortez had completely destroyed the previous inhabitants; native tribes in North America were in perpetual warfare, exploiting and destroying the weak. The Iroquois, among several tribes, had slaves."

Lori Windle: "While I found it commendable that The Denver Post encouraged both sides of the Columbus Day controversy to exercise restraint, I find it a bizarre inference not based on any fact that opponents to the parade might not be peaceful. At no time in the past 13 years have protests against the parade been anything but peaceful. Check your own archives. Protests were vigorous, but never violent. Never did so much as a fistfight break out anywhere, which is more than you can say for your average sporting event or Taste of Colorado."

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