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Native America Calling: Celebrating Native veterans
Friday, November 10, 2023

Celebrating Native veterans
Parades and powwows are gearing up to honor Native American veterans around the country.

Native military service dates to well before Native Americans were considered citizens of the United States. In addition to financial and educational benefits, Native people look to the military as a source of honor in line with tribal traditions.

Friday on Native America Calling with Shawn Spruce, celebrate Native military service and assess how Native veterans are included when it comes to understanding cultural traditions,

National Native American Veterans Memorial
Native veterans participate in the dedication of the National Native American Veterans Memorial in Washington, D.C, where a fire was lit at the closing of the dedication ceremony on November 11, 2022. Photo by Indianz.Com (CC BY-NC-SA 4.0)

Guests on Native America Calling
Elouise Brown (Diné), TseAlnaozti’i Veterans Organization secretary and Northern Navajo Veterans Organization secretary

“Truckee” Bob Tilton (Pyramid Lake Paiute Tribe), combat foreman with the 7th Marine Corps in Vietnam

Maryann Parker (Kiowa from the Kiowa Tribe of Oklahoma), curatorial specialist at the First American Museum

Raquel Painter (Winnebago Tribe of Nebraska; Santee Sioux descent), President/Chief Professional Officer of United Way of Onslow County, Marine veteran (26 years), and North Carolina’s 2021 Combat Female Veteran of the Year

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