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Native America Calling: Building your own home
Thursday, September 8, 2022

Sweat equity: building your own home
A number of Native DIY-ers are taking on what is traditionally the largest expense of their lives: their own home.

By putting the work in, homeowners are reducing their mortgages – or eliminating it altogether. One initiative also has home owner/builders share their experience with others just getting started.

Today on Native America Calling, Shawn Spruce speaks with those who are sweating it out.

Navajo Hogans
Hogans on the Navajo Nation. Photo: Stanley Zimny

Guests on Native America Calling
Carmirae Holguin (Diné), co-founder and executive director of the Nááts’íilid Initiative

Moises Gonzales (Genízero), associate dean at the University of New Mexico’s School of Architecture and Planning

Bettina Sandoval (Pueblo), who is in the process of building her own home.

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