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Native America Calling: The history and protocols of headdresses
Monday, August 1, 2022

The history and protocols of headdresses
The pictures of Pope Francis wearing a headdress spurred controversy across the globe – and our social media channels!

A Cree elder and chief gifted the high honor to the leader of the Catholic Church during his visit to Canada last week during a visit specifically to apologize to Indigenous people for the church’s role in residential school abuses. Indigenous leaders throughout history have given headdresses to numerous non-Native people including Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and many U.S. presidents.

Some tribes have very specific traditions and ceremonies connected to making and receiving headdresses. Monday on Native America Calling, Shawn Spruce discusses headdress protocols and traditions and why the headdress on the pope sparked particular concern

Guests on Native America Calling
Dana Wilson (Crow), former member of Crow Tribal executive and legislative government

Dr. Don Pepion (Pikunni), emeritus professor of Native American studies at New Mexico State University

Niigaan Sinclair (Anishinaabe), Winnipeg Free Press columnist and Indigenous studies professor

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