Defense says Pueblo man contributed to death
The trial of a man who is accused of killing William Tenorio of San Felipe Pueblo began on Monday in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Carlos Fierro, 36, will admit he was drinking before the accident that caused Tenorio's death in the early morning hours of November 26, 2008. But Fierro's defense attorney says Tenorio contributed to his death because he also had been drinking, was wearing dark clothing and had been jaywalking when he was struck.

"All of these factors combined at that moment to make this accident inevitable," Jason Bowles said during his opening statement in the trial, The Santa Fe New Mexican reported. "Mr. Fierro will not be the cause of this accident. His drinking was not the cause of this accident."

A witness said she met Tenorio at a bar before he was killed. She also testified that she briefly talked to Fierro, whom she described as intoxicated.

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