Native protesters clash with non-Native residents

Native protesters in Caledonia, Ontario, clashed with non-Native residents on Monday, putting negotiations to resolve the long-running dispute on hold.

The protesters from the Six Nations Reserve removed their blockade yesterday but re-erected it when non-Native residents put up their own barricade. Some non-Natives then tried to abandon their blockade but weren't supported by their fellow residents. There were fist fights and scuffles among the two groups.

Tensions also simmered when non-Natives angrily left bread and cheese, a symbol of Queen Victoria's offering to the Six Nations Reserve, at the Native blockade. Native protesters hurled the bread and cheese back at the non-Natives.

The situation worsened when a transformer station at the protest site caught fire, causing a power loss for 8,000 people. Non-Natives claimed the Native protesters sabotaged the transformer but there are conflicting reports about whether it was a malfunction or not.

Talks to resolve the dispute had been set to resume today but have been put on hold.

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