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Dispatch from Nez Perce: We will be here forever

"Few people can tell you where their world began, but the Ni-Mii-Puu can.

A big mound rises on a grassy slope above this Idaho town. Myth says the mound covers the buried heart of a great monster that gobbled up all of the animals in the world. Coyotes killed the monster, cut up his heart and, from the blood, created the Ni-Mii-Puu, better known as the Nez Perce tribe.

The Heart of the Monster site lies just across U.S. 12 from the Lewis and Clark Resort, an RV park with log cabins set back in the trees and a motel office, gift shop and restaurant built to resemble a stockade. The restaurant is the Sacajewea Caf. The Lewis and Clark theme is ubiquitous in this part of the country."

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David Horsey: Indians have a message: "We intend to be here forever" (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 10/9)

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