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Tim Giago: It's time for wealthy tribes to think Indian

"The first thing leaders of the wealthy gaming tribes must do is to �think Indian.� For those of us who are reservation born, raised and educated, that takes on a special meaning. If the wealthy tribes are relying on the wisdom of their non-Indian lawyers and white accountants, they are not �thinking Indian.� Instead they are leaving the decisions of how to assist other tribes in the hands of uneducated and uniformed.

For example, there is not a single wealthy tribe that does not face the overwhelming burden of how to spend or shelter excess revenues. The non-Indian lawyers and accountants will point them in the direction of the usual suspects, but their mindset never leads them to searching out the ways and means to assist the less fortunate Indian tribes. Why not? They do not know the Indian people and have no compassion for them."

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Tim Giago: It is time for gaming tribes to �think Indian� (The Native American Times 4/4)

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