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Tim Giago: Should we listen to Osama bin Laden?

"Osama bin Laden is looked upon as that beast with the blood of 3,000 people on his hands. Any utterance from him is deemed contemptible. But I believe that all Americans are tired of living under the threat of more terror. Is this a permanent condition or one with a cure?

In the supposed civilized world of 2004 surely men and women of intelligence, compassion and forgiveness can come together with those who would threaten our very existence and find solutions. I know that you can�t negotiate with terrorists, but why is America their target?

America became a great nation by slaughtering and terrorizing its indigenous people. After more than 500 years of terrorism, the indigenous people saw their way to forgive. The first step on the road to forgiveness was communication. Without dialogue there are no solutions.

If the message from Osama bin Laden is that we must find new ways to communicate in order to prevent future acts of terrorism, should we listen to that message?

Oftentimes the solutions to the most complex of problems are found in the most simple of messages. An old Mohawk saying goes, "You cannot see the future with tears in your eyes." The same may be said of hatred."

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Tim Giago: What was the message of Osama bin Laden? (The Native American Times 11/22)

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