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Tim Giago: Gaming leads to addiction, crime

"I have seen so much good happen to the people of many Indian nations because of the profits from their casinos. I have also seen some tribal leaders turn into near potentates. I have seen children so rich that they had no desire to pursue a higher education or to even finish high school. New cars and new highs have become commonplace amongst many young Indians living on reservations with extremely profitable casinos.

In the long run, the good far outweighs the bad, but I am still pessimistic about where this is all leading. If the Indian nations do not take the measures to diversify their business enterprises in the very near future, I believe they are making a dreadful mistake.

Gaming, as we know it today, is all of the rage across America, but it is also an enterprise that leads to addiction, crime, bankruptcies, and suicide. One day Congress may see more of the bad than the good and all it takes is a stroke of the pen to bring gaming to an end."

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All it takes is a stroke of the pen to end Indian gaming (The Native American Times 3/21)

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