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Trump Trains Kristi Noem. Cartoon © Jo Johnson / September 2020

A governor on a Trump leash

Monday, September 14, 2020

We have some important news for South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem: The Coronavirus is real (not a hoax) and has killed 173 South Dakotans on your watch. More than 15,000 have been infected. In Pennington County alone 1,617 cases have turned up causing 33 deaths.

Were any of these deaths necessary? All Gov. Noem had to do was to advise her health experts to put out some rules and regulations as recommended by doctors, not politicians. Instead Noem followed the absolutely juvenile and sick advice from her mentor Donald Trump, a man who called it a hoax and then said it would suddenly just disappear.

Well Governor, it was not a hoax and it did not miraculously disappear. But in its wake it left more than 173 South Dakota families mourning the deaths of a father, mother, grandmother, aunt, uncle and even children. Did you, Gov. Noem, attend any of their funerals, funerals that were not necessary?

And then your Lord and Master in Washington decided that the sure cure for this pandemic was a drug already tested in Europe and found ineffective, you immediately ordered a respected medical group, Sanford Health, to start testing 2,000 South Dakota guinea pigs (probably Republican) to take part in a useless and costly trial that turned out to be a complete bust.

We have a question: How much of state taxpayer’s money went into to subsidizing this pipe dream? How much were the guinea pigs and Sanford Health paid for this worthless experiment? Why did Sanford Health sell out to this political scheme?

And then, once again as was urged by your Great Leader, you started pushing for the colleges and schools to reopen in order to get the economy up and running. Duh?


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