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Blog: Washington fan passes out pins to support racist name

One big DC Sports Bog post about the Washington professional football team's mascot and the ongoing controversy surrounding its use:
I noted on Sunday that someone was handing out and/or selling pins supporting the Redskins name in the FedEx Field parking lots. After the creator of the pins left an e-mail address in the comments section of that item, I reached out to him, and we chatted briefly about his motivation.

Taylor — the creator — is a 20-something Redskins fan who grew up in central Virginia but now lives in Arlington. He asked that his full name not be used, because he said he didn’t want to attract personal attention.

He made about 2,000 of the pins, and said he arrived at FedEx Field when the parking lots opened and distributed his wares until he entered the stadium. After the game, he handed out some more. He didn’t want to tell me how much he spent making the pins, but said he mostly gave them away for free, while also accepting donations “to recoup the costs.”

I asked him why he felt compelled to make 2,000 buttons to support his cause, and he cited the “silent majority.”

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Dan Steinberg / DC Sports Bog: The man with the Redskins pins (The Washington Post 10/23)

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