Talisa Reeve: My first experience with the R-word still haunting

Talisa Reeve describes her first encounter with the R-word as a Cherokee Nation girl in Oklahoma:
There has been a lot of press in various news outlets about the term “Redskins” and many debates about whether the name should still be used because of its derogatory connotation.

I thought I would tell you a story about the first time I had heard that word and how it was used, but first let me give you a little background information first because I believe my experience with it is a little unique.

I grew up in a town called Oktaha, it’s population was around 200-300 hundred at the time and in Creek Territory. We are Tsalagi.

My grandmother and grandfather bought a city block of land and had their house built, a house for my grandmothers brother and a few daughters, these homes were Indian homes.

My grandmother was a smidgen away from being fullblood Tsalagi. The setting was idyllic for young children. You could explore the countryside on endless adventures and when you were tired, you’d find some relative's house to eat at.

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