Editorial: Extend deadline for 'Fighting Sioux' nick
"Before the State Board of Higher Education decides the fate of UND’s Fighting Sioux nickname, there is one final chorus of important voices that should be heard.

These are the voices of the Standing Rock Sioux. They’re the last link in the chain, the final piece that needs to be added to make the puzzle complete.

The board should extend its Oct. 1 deadline to let these voices be heard.

That’s the way the board can honor the commitment it made in the nickname settlement with the NCAA, which was to seek out the views of Sioux tribal members in North Dakota.

That’s also the way to reach a decision that everyone can live with, nickname supporters and opponents alike. And that’s true whether the board ultimately decides to keep or change the name."

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OUR OPINION: Extend the Oct. 1 Fighting Sioux nickname deadline (The Grand Forks Herald 9/4)

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