Blog: Apache family right to claim Geronimo
"Imagine the scandal.

A well known war leader’s body was taken from a cemetery on Federal land, and his skull used as an object of ridicule by the enemy. The family is requesting their return, but the bones are owned by a group that includes some of the most influential people in the land, so their request is ignored.

It would make you mad, wouldn’t it?

Well, apparently if you are a big shot you can do that and get away with it.

It seems that the notorious “Skull and Bones” Society of Yale uses the skull of Apache chief Gernomino in their ceremonies.

There is some controversy if this is true. Geronimo was buried in a cemetery at Fort Sill Oklahoma, yet his grave was not marked, so how could the bones be stolen?

Yet the very question if their ancestor’s bones are being desecrated is important to the Apache tribe and to his family."

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