Geronimo descendant seeks reburial of remains

Note: The announcement is taking place at 1pm at the National Press Club.

The great-grandson of Chiricahua Apache leader and warrior Geronimo will be filing a lawsuit in hopes of bringing his ancestor back home.

Harlyn Geronimo wants to move Geronimo's remains from Fort Sill, Oklahoma, to southern New Mexico. Harlyn Geronimo said Geronimo belongs in his ancestral homeland.

"This area is sacred to tradition. In order to complete the cycle, we must bring his remains to the birth area to have his spirit complete and join to the next world. We hope that we could have a fitting memorial in these ancestral lands," Harlyn Geronimo told The Las Cruces Sun-News in 2007.

The lawsuit will be filed under the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

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