Editorial: Resolve Yale legend about Geronimo's skull
"True gentlemen would understand the pain caused to loved ones by grave-robbing. And in the case of Indian warrior Geronimo, that understanding should be the impetus for Yale University's secret Skull and Bones club to offer up any human remains it has for forensic testing. Such tests would help determine whether the secret society has the skull of the famed Apache warrior Geronimo. If so, the society should return the remains.

The 1918 letter reported that a band of Bonesmen, including Prescott Bush, Class of 1917 and the father and grandfather of the two Bush presidents, stole the Geronimo skull as a prize for the secret society. Many find the tale preposterous and believe the more likely scenario is that the Yalies raided a medical school morgue as a fraternity prank and concocted the Indian warrior grave-robbing story.

Skull and Bones members would do themselves and Geronimo's family a favor by turning over any skulls in their possession for examination. Then the living and dead can rest in peace."

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Editorial: Bonesmen: Be honorable (The New London Day 2/20)

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