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Letter: No need to study racism in border towns

"As a Native American I can say that racism is alive and well. Racism is just another form of discrimination which a lot of people are guilty of no matter the race.

I don't understand why the Navajo Nation is shelling out money for research on racism among the border towns. It's a waste of money. Racism IS in the border towns, and we don't need to spend thousands of dollars to figure that out.

It's not only in the border towns, but all throughout the world. It's not only against Navajos it's against Blacks, Asians, Jews, Mexicans, Indians and yes, even Anglos. It is even within the Navajo Nation; yes we discriminate against our own people.

When a Native American is doing well for himself and lives off the reservation there are those Navajos who discriminate against him and say he is "working for the white man." This works the other way around, too. Some Navajos who are well off look down on Navajos who are just getting by. Just because a Navajo can't speak his own language he is looked down upon and is treated differently, as if he were not Navajo."

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Emerson Charley: Hate won't solve problem (The Farmington Daily Times 7/31)

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