Racism still a sore subject 30 years after murders
Tuesday, April 27, 2004

When The Farmington Daily Times decided to run a series on the 1974 murders of three Navajo men and the effect on race relations, the paper ran into opposition from locals.

Many refused to be interviewed. Others didn't see the point of dredging up "the past." Some refused to admit racism is still an issue.

To Navajos and other Indians in Farmington, New Mexico, the attitude shows that racism still exists. To this day, many still distrust Anglos who live in the area.

"Has there been complete healing?" the paper asks in an editorial. "For some Anglos, probably — for others, and many Native Americans, the wounds from 30 years ago have never healed and it is our hope that this will provide a first step of the healing process."

Of the three Anglo youths who were sent to reform school from the murders, one was killed at age 20 in an accident, another served time in jail and a third has dropped out of sight.

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