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Editorial: Race relations improving in Farmington

"Farmington has come a long way from the infamous and hideous "Indian rolling" episodes of 1974 that killed three area Native Americans.

The recently released "Farmington Report: Civil Rights for Native Americans 30 Years Later," which was issued by the New Mexico Advisory Committee to the U.S. Commission on Civil Rights, confirms relations between the community and its Native American neighbors have improved over the last three decades.

It's encouraging to see such results, and even more so to hear corresponding comments from the Native American community.

In an interview with a Daily Times reporter, Duane "Chili" Yazzie, Shiprock Chapter president, said he felt Farmington has made strides in becoming more accepting of Native people.

But, he said, although Native Americans are being treated better than in the past, there are still strides to be made.

We agree."

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Editorial: Civil rights report: It's getting better (The Farmington Daily Times 3/1)

Civil Rights Commission Report:
The Farmington Report: Civil Rights for Native Americans 30 Years Later (November 2005

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