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Abramoff Scandal
Wives of DeLay, Doolittle part of Abramoff probe

The wives of outgoing Rep. Tom DeLay (R-Texas) and Rep. John Doolittle (R-California) are of interest to investigators in the Jack Abramoff probe.

Investigators are looking at a retirement account set up for Christine DeLay by Edwin Buckham, a former DeLay staffer who opened his own lobbying firm. According to The Washington Post, Buckham deposited tens of thousands of dollars in Christine's account while lobbying her husband.

At the time, Christine was employed by the now-defunct lobbying firm. It is not illegal to employ the wives of Congressional members but the pay must be "reasonable" and must not meant to influence a lawmaker's vote, The Post said.

Julie Doolittle had her own firm that acted as a fundraiser for Abramoff, as a fundraiser for her husband and as an accountant for one of Buckham's nonprofits. She earned a cut of every donation she brought to her husband.

DeLay's last day of office is Friday, having decided against re-election due to his legal woes. Doolittle won his party's primary for re-election on Tuesday.

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