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Second reports blasts state's handling of Elwha village

A new report from a Washington legislative committee blasts the state's handling of a major tribal village.

The report, prepared by an outside firm, says the Department of Transportation rushed into a bridge project without conducting a thorough analysis of the site. It turned out to be a major village of the Lower Elhwa Klallam Tribe.

Thousands of artifacts and hundreds of ancestors were eventually uncovered at Tse-Whit-Zen Village. The state dropped construction at the site at a cost of $87 million.

The state released its own critical report last month on the handling of the village.

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Agency blasted on canal bridge project (AP 6/6)
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Joint Legislative Audit and Review Committee Report:
Review of Port Angeles Graving Dock Project (June 2, 2006)

State Department of Transportation Report:
Hood Canal Bridge Graving Dock (May 2006)

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