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Opinion: McCain's reign has been a painful one

"By all accounts, there are a herd of additional shoes yet to drop in the Jack Abramoff lobbying scandal. The question is whether or not this public scrutiny will be limited to just the low-lying fruit, or if some serious investigations will take place - including an investigation of one of the chief investigators: St. John McCain, Arizona Republican.

When stories of Jack Abramoff taking various Indian tribes to the cleaners first hit the press, McCain - Chairman of the Senate Indian Affairs Committee and author of the un-American, anti-free speech McCain-Feingold campaign censorship law - decided this would be an excellent opportunity to settle some old scores, help out some old pals, and do what Sen. McCain does best...get media attention for Sen. McCain.

But here�s what�s wrong with Sen. McCain using his position as chief of the Indian Affairs committee to pursue an �investigation� of the Indian lobbyist matter: First, this taxpayer-funded fishing expedition has dragged on for over two years now. Heck, the Paula Jones investigation AND the impeachment of Bill Clinton combined took less time. Secondly, McCain - or more specifically, his all-but-officially-declared presidential campaign - appears to have profited from this crusade more than truth, justice and the American way.

Before McCain�s investigatory machine sprung into action, Jack Abramoff and another GOP lobbyist named Scott Reed were the two top lobbying dogs for Indian tribes. Yet McCain has used his committee to subject Abramoff�s dealings to a veritable proctological exam while all but ignoring Reed. What�s up with that?"

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Chuck Muth: This Reign of McCain Has Really Been a Pain (Human Events 4/10)

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