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Opinion: Land use plans ignore tribal traditions

"Tradition is important to people here. County land use plans drafted across the state of South Dakota cite custom, culture and tradition as important components of establishing land use. The tradition of private property rights in Meade county means that it has become a habit to allow people to do what they want to with the property they own.

The culture and traditions of Native Americans and public land advocates continue to be discounted in Meade County. Northern Cheyenne, Rosebud Sioux and the Lower Brule Sioux Tribes own substantial tracts of land around Bear Butte. Lands placed in trust designated for American Indian peoples lie adjacent to Bear Butte. There are many other acres of designated public lands in the vicinity of Sturgis as well.

I've heard people say that negating the different values of land use in Meade County happens because people do not care. It is not because people don't care, folks care a lot. The custom that steers the disrespect in Meade County clearly expresses to American Indian cultural advocates that our differing land use values do not share an equal voice in the land use planning conversations."

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Nancy Kile: Meade County ignores Indian traditions (The Rapid City Journal 12/10)

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