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Editorial: Breaking the circle of domestic violence

"Domestic violence is a plague on families and communities throughout our great state and nation. It shatters relationships and endangers the lives of partners, spouses and children.

Among many initiatives being taken to prevent domestic violence, the Rural Domestic Violence Unit, created by Crow tribal members and federal law enforcement officials, stands out as a practical and courageous effort.

The Bureau of Indian Affairs District Office in Billings developed the Purple Feather Campaign with programs that are being piloted on the Crow Reservation.

By joining forces, various agencies that deal with victims and offenders have increased their effectiveness. The domestic violence unit has an office in the Crow Police Department. The prevention unit responds with police officers to domestic-violence calls."

Get the Story:
Breaking the circle of violence (The Billings Gazette 10/26)

Domestic Violence Bill:
S.1197: Violence Against Women Act of 2005

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