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Criminals on Navajo Nation sometimes set free

The Navajo Nation arrests, tries and convicts people for violent crimes. Only the tribe sometimes has nowhere to put them.

Such is the case in Shiprock, New Mexico. The jail facility there has been shut down since June 10 due to health and safety concerns.

In total, the Navajo Nation has a little over 100 prison beds for the largest tribal population in the U.S. Tribal leaders have tried to get more federal funds for jails but say their pleas have fallen on deaf ears.

The Department of Interior's inspector general visited detention facilities on the reservation and found them to be among the worst. In an interim report, the IG documented inadequate training of officers, suicides, attempted suicides and escapes.

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Convicts go free because of deteriorating Shiprock jail (The Farmington Daily Times 7/30)

Interim Jail Report:
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Indian Country Jail Reports:
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