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Editorial: Statue installation a proud day for state

"The dedication of a statue depicting Pueblo Revolt leader Pop� at Statuary Hall in the U.S. Capitol on Thursday should be a proud day for all New Mexicans. Thats right, all New Mexicans. That includes descendants of the Spanish colonial settlers who Pop� and his fellow Pueblo fighters railed against back in 1680 in their successful, but bloody revolution.

That revolution against and subsequent return of 闗 the Spanish gave birth to our unique New Mexico culture. No less an august person than the Very Rev. Jerome Martinez y Alire, rector of the Cathedral Basilica of St. Francis of Assisi, has said the revolt was �due primarily to the greed of the Spanish governors and the overall pride of the Spanish settlers.� When the Spanish returned, the monsignor reminds us that the settlers were �chastened and humbled.�

By selecting Pop (spelled Popay on the statue) for a place of honor in Washington, D.C., New Mexico is showing the world that it respects our nation钒s original peoples. It is a chance to teach the East Coast-ers that U.S. settlements didn�t start with the Pilgrims, and that American Indians are still alive and well in our country."

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Statue dedication honors state's cultures (The Santa Fe New Mexican 9/23)

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