Pueblo leader comes to life again
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OCTOBER 24, 2000

Pope, the San Juan Pueblo man who led the 1680 Pueblo Revolt, will come to life again this Friday, when four artists will present their vision on what the leader looked like.

On Friday, the artists will display their 17-inch miniature sculptures at the Capitol Roundhouse in Santa Fe, New Mexico. The four artists are Tim Washburn, Navajo; Doug Hyde, Nez Perce / Assiniboine / Chippewa; George Rivera of Pojoaque Pueblo; and Cliff Fragua of Jemez Pueblo.

Each has depicted Pope holding prayer feathers in one hand a cord with a knot in it in the other. The cord symbolizes a system used to coordinate the Pueblo Revolt.

Runners sent by Pope carried a cord with five knots and each day undid a knot. After all the knots were undone, the overthrow of the Spanish was to begin.

The state's National Statuary Hall Commission, chaired by former Governor of San Juan Pueblo, Herman Agoyo, will pick the winning depiction on November 8. The statue will join one representing the late Senator Dennis Chavez.

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