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Tim Giago: First revolutionary was a Native man

"In the year 1680 the immigrant Pilgrims and other settlers (called invaders by the indigenous people) were getting a toehold on the eastern seaboard of this continent.

The Spaniards and Portuguese already had a head start. The Spaniards had been roaming and exploring South, Central and Southwest America for nearly two hundred years. They had already constructed one of the oldest permanent settlements (white settlements) in America at St. Augustine in what is now Florida.

The Pilgrims had come to this continent seeking freedom of religion, but they wanted their brand of religious freedom only and would set about denying the same freedom of religion to the indigenous people.

In the Southwest, the Spaniards had set about bringing Catholicism to the Pueblo Indians with force. The Indians either joined the faith or were punished, oftentimes by death."

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Tim Giago: Honoring the man who led America's first revolution (The Native American Times 5/30)

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