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Abramoff supporter in running for Coushatta chair

A Coushatta council member who supported disgraced lobbyist Jack Abramoff is in the running for chairman of the Louisiana tribe.

William Worfel will face former tribal police chief Kevin Sickey in a fourth runoff next month. Sickey had 36 percent of the vote while Worfel had 20 percent in an election held on Saturday.

Current chairman Lovelin Poncho [pictured at right] did not seek re-election. He also supported Abramoff.

Council member Leonard Battise, another Abramoff supporter, ran for re-election but lost, according to The Lake Charles American Press.

Tribal members tried to recall Poncho, Worfel and Battise over their dealings with Abramoff but the efforts failed.

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Former Coushatta police chief makes runoff (AP 5/30)
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