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Posted: May 14, 2020

Recent Media Release with COVID-19 Breakdown by Tribal Affiliation

There is a recent media release, in which a breakdown was provided of positive COVID-19 cases by Tribal Affiliation in New Mexico. Upon reviewing the media release it was found to be inaccurate, which prompted this clarification to be released.

“Tribal affiliation” data published by New Mexico In Depth has drawn complaints in the state.

The NMDOH is in close communication with the Laguna Emergency Operations Incident Commander as tests result become available for those identified as Laguna tribal members. The current media release shows that Laguna Pueblo has 3 confirmed cases.

To clarify, there have been 6 Laguna tribal members, in total, who have tested positive for COVID-19.

The Laguna Emergency Operations Center team has investigated these cases and the results are as follows: Five(5) tribal members who tested positive for COVID-19 still use a Laguna Pueblo address but they DO NOT reside on the Pueblo nor have they been to the Pueblo within the past three months.

One (1) tribal member does not have a Laguna Pueblo address and does not live in the Pueblo and has not been to the Pueblo in more than 4 months.

To date, there are NO confirmed positive cases within the boundaries of Laguna Pueblo.

This is one reason why it is VERY IMPORTANT that the Stay at Home Order remains in place and prohibits NON-RESIDENTS from coming to the Pueblo. We are all well aware that there are positive COVID-19 cases right outside our borders, both east and west.

We continue to ask all Pueblo residents and tribal members to stay home and stay safe, and do not allow anyone who does not live in your household to come or stay in your home. Governor Herrera remains strong in his stance for all Tribal members to continue to abide by the Order.

As a whole, the Pueblo is doing a great job in keeping our community safe. Continue to wash your hands, practice social distancing and wear a mask if you do have to leave your home for essential travel, and don’t forget to clean high touch surfaces in your home. STAY HOME to STAY SAFE.

Again, there are NO confirmed positive cases within the boundaries of Laguna Pueblo.

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