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Posted: January 23, 2023
Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

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January 23, 2023

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic achieves prestigious recognition for diabetes prevention

OKCIC’s STAR program receives CDC Full Plus recognition.

OKLAHOMA CITY – Oklahoma City Indian Clinic (OKCIC), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit clinic providing health and wellness services to American Indians in central Oklahoma, achieved Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) Full Plus recognition of a diabetes prevention program.

“Full Plus is the highest level of recognition for a National Diabetes Prevention Program, and it’s reserved for programs that meet all the standards for CDC recognition and additional retention thresholds,” said Dr. Michelle Dennison, OKCIC’s Vice President of Policies and Prevention. “This achievement is the culmination of several years maintaining a quality, evidence-based program.” 

Steps To Achieve Results (STAR) is a year-long curriculum for patients 18 and older who have been diagnosed with pre-diabetes. Patients in the program attend weekly classes for the first four months. After that, they meet every other week during the fifth and sixth month, then monthly for the rest of the year.

Many classes are taught by a lifestyle coach who motivates patients and provides workout plans as a personal trainer.  A registered dietitian also teaches nutrition classes with hands-on cooking demonstrations. One-on-one appointments with a lifestyle coach or dietitian are available to patients. 

“The patients that come through the program are fully invested in their health and prevention of diabetes,” said Carla Neal, OKCIC Lifestyle Coach. “It’s very rewarding to watch each patient meet their goals, whether it’s big or small.”

The program’s goal is for patients to lose five percent of their body weight, get at least 150 minutes per week of physical activity and have a 0.2 percent reduction in their hemoglobin A1c. Patients track their progress by documenting their diet, physical activity and weight each week.

“Joining the program has made me very accountable,” said Jo Burleson, STAR participant. “It sets you up for success.”

About Oklahoma City Indian Clinic

Oklahoma City Indian Clinic was established in 1974 to provide excellent health care and wellness services to American Indians in central Oklahoma. The clinic staff cares for nearly 23,000 patients from over 200 federally recognized tribes every year. American Indians can receive a range of services,  including medical, dental, pediatrics, prenatal, pharmacy, optometry, physical fitness, nutrition, family programs and behavioral health services. For more information, please call (405) 948-4900 or visit

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