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Posted: April 14, 2020

The Indian Health Service has updated its coronavirus testing data, showing results as of 7pm Eastern on April 13, 2020.

According to the data, 12,553 people within the IHS system have been tested. Of those, 1,124 are positive for COVID-19, the disease caused by the coronavirus. The figure represents an increase of nearly 8.4 percent from the 1,037 cases previously reported.

Testing has continued to increase in some regions of Indian Country. The data shows the Albuquerque Area, where hotspots have emerged in the state of New Mexico, with a steady growth in testing.

Other regions are showing slower growth or even falling flat. The Alaska Area, for example, has seen little movement in recent days, according to the data. The region has 7 positive COVID-19 cases, a figure that hasn’t changed since April 6, even as results from more than 640 tests have yet to be reported.

The Navajo Area, which serves the Navajo Nation in Arizona, New Mexico and Utah, continues to have the highest numbers of tests (3,756) and COVID-19 cases (636).

The Albuquerque Area comes in second, though with 175 cases, it trails far behind the Navajo Area.

“Data is reported from IHS, tribal, and urban Indian organization facilities, though reporting by tribal and urban programs is voluntary,” the agency states on its website. “This is a rapidly evolving situation and the IHS will provide updated information as it becomes available and is verified.”

IHS Area Tested Positive Negative
Alaska 1,133 7 482
Albuquerque 1,251 175 663
Bemidji 139 17 106
Billings 1,592 18 1,478
California 574 35 446
Great Plains 295 22 250
Nashville 91 8 58
Navajo 3,756 636 2,674
Oklahoma City 2,125 76 1,630
Phoenix 449 64 344
Portland 638 60 531
Tucson 510 6 411
TOTAL 12,553 1,124 9,073
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