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She is a Warrior
Dear Lori's family:

My deepest condolences to you and your family and tribe and city. My heart is filled with sadness upon learning of the passing of your precious daughter. She is a warrior. She is a strong, proud Native American woman. I am so sorry.

Collette R. Maxwell

An Explosion of Beauty of Sunshine
Words cannot explain how moved I was to hear about the loss of Lori. She has left the world leaving a great impression on the whole country, and I have to say that she has made me very proud. I remember she was an explosion of beauty and sunshine when I first met her. I am very happy to have spent some moments with her sharing stories and joking around. Her spirit left an indelible mark in my life, and I always knew that she was going to be a great role model one day. I thank the parents of Lori for giving us a true hero, she will never be forgotten.


She is a Hero
I would like to express my deepest condolences to Lori's family and children, just heard the news today.  I kept hoping she would be found.  Our nation has lost a great woman and it will be a long time for the wound to heal in the Hopi Nation.  Lori will be long remembered by Indians and the rest of America.  She did not die in vain, she is a HERO. I feel so bad for her family and children, my prayers and; thoughts go out to you all.

From Julie in WA state (Paiute-Mono tribe member)

One Step Closer to Peace
My heart aches, tears flow and prayers are being sent to all upon hearing the news of Lori's crossing over. Creator, I know you are in the hearts of those who knew and loved Lori in life as you are in the hearts of those of us who encircle them as their extended family. Hold all of us a bit tighter, guide us to remember that we are never separated, we are connected between all of the worlds.

Lori, thank you for bringing us one step closer to Peace. Thank you for your courage. I will recognize you among the other brave souls in the Stars.


The Ultimate Sacrifice
I'm a Northern Cheyenne living on the Winnebago Reservation in Nebraska, and I plan to go into the military through by graduating at West Point. I just wanted to say I'm [sorry] for the loss of Piestewa family. I just found out today she was one of the 9 they brought back to Dover. Well, where she is now is a better place. I know she's gone to heaven where there are no wars, because she made the ultimate sacrifice for her country. Now we have to pray for the other Natives over there. Thanks.


A Short Life
She led only a short life but I am sure she was much loved by her parents as well as her children. You have my deepest sympathy. You are all in my prayers. May God be with you at this trying time and in the days and years ahead

Betty Gallimore

My Heart is Crying
To the family of PFC Lori Piestewa.

I sat here in my office, with tears in my heart. Having just found out that your daughter, sister, mother is no longer on this earth. I cannot begin to understand the heartache and excruciating pain that you must be feeling at this time. I had prayed over and over that she would be safe. But God had other plans for her. Please on behalf of my family and myself and other retired soldiers. You have our deepest sympathy. May God bless you and watch over this family. I wish I could say more.

But my eyes are blurry and my heart truly hurts.

Eunice McGee

You Gave Us Pride
Dear Lori and Family:

There hasn't been a day gone by that you haven't been on my mind. I wake up Lori and go to bed Lori. I pray for your safety and well being. I believe that you have just shown this nation what it is to be a true Native American Woman Warrior who has well earned her eagle feather! My family, my tribe and community are so very proud of you and will forever be thankful for the protection and pride you give us.

Come home soon, Vivienne of the Southern Paiute Nation (Kaibab)

A Warrior to Millions
Our hearts are filled with sadness as we now know, "our" daughter/sister has began that journey home. I heard someone say, just today, "freedom is not free," not fully understanding the meaning, until now. She will forever be remembered as a warrior in the hearts and minds of millions of people. Our prayers have been with all of you since this beginning of this ordeal and they continue.

Peace be with you, Glenda, Kisko, Winter Dawn and Tewa

To the Brave Native Soldier
My warmest condolences go out to the Piestewa family. The loss of a very Brave Native Soldier.

We must mourn our fallen heroes!
We must honor their memory!
To do that, we must go on!

We must work
We must play
We must laugh
We must cry
We must support our families
We must support our country
We must be proud
We must be humble
We must love
We must not be afraid

To defeat terrorism and the evil that it breeds, We must live!


Fred Nickols
Reston, Va.

The Loss of Our Warrior
To the Family and Friends of Lori Piestewa:

My heart goes out to you all for the loss of our warrior, Lori Ann. I have been praying for her daily and watching the news reports for any information on her well being.

It is always difficult at times like this to say the correct thing to parents who lose a child. Your heart is breaking and many, many people feel your pain. All I have read about her tell of her strength, love of family and country and many other admirable attributes. When you are sad, remember her strengths and be proud of her accomplishments. And as all Indians will do, eventually someone will remember a funny story and laughter will happen. This, too, helps. My oldest son passed away 5 years ago - I know your pain.

People across the nation are saying prayers for you with a lot of love. God bless you and Lori's children. ka-lo

Sarah Ridley
Nez Perce
Burke, Virginia

Prayers for Piestewa Family
Our hearts break at the news of Lori’s death. I pray for your family and for her children. My you all find comfort and support in your memories of Lori and knowing she fought for our freedom and died preserving it. What an excellent and brave hero our Native community had in Lori. She will always be in our prayers.

Laura McGee & Family
Blackfeet Reservation, Montana

My prayers are with you and your family. She is a brave young warrior who is an example to all women young and old. To Fear not but go where you know you must go. In my spirit I keep your family close to me and am in spirit walking this path with you. I pray for comfort and peace for you and the safe return of this wonderful warrior.

Rose T

In a Better Place
I heard the word today of Lori's death. I am praying for her friends and family. I know she is in a better, happier place now. She is ok now. She's ok. I want to show my support for her family and friends. I just wish there was more I could do. I'm praying for you all.

From Aero

God Bless Lori Piestewa
I don’t know how to directly contact the family of fallen hero Lori Piestewa. I would appreciate if you can pass along to her family our deepest gratitude for the ultimate sacrifice she has made for America. Please let them know she will never be forgotten in our hearts and our minds. God bless Lori Piestewa and God bless America.

Robert and Joy Bax
Portland, Oregon

A Great Warrior Woman
I just heard the news about Lori. My heart is filled with sadness that she is gone. She was a Great Warrior Woman and a Hero. I know that our Creator is looking down upon her children and family now, and he will give you peace in your heart. I will be praying for all of you and the rest of the POW's.


All Americans are Proud of Lori
To Lori's family,

I am so sorry for your loss. As Americans, we are all proud of Lori and her contribution to our country. Please accept my sympathy on your loss.

JoAnne Rosenbluth

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