Norton: Indian gaming raises 'concerns'
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Secretary of Interior Gale Norton on Thursday said that Indian gaming raises serious "concerns" that were the subject of a recent TIME magazine report.

Speaking to reporters during a press call, Norton was asked to respond to the controversial articles, which have drawn barbs from tribal leaders and some Bush officials, including Assistant Secretary Neal McCaleb. She said tribal casinos must have "strong regulatory oversight" in order to help Indian Country.

"We need to have people on the National Indian Gaming Commission and in the BIA (Bureau of Indian Affairs) who will take their responsibility seriously," she said. "They have to make sure the benefits of gaming continue to flow to tribal members and do not simply become a conduit for others."

Norton's words were an apparent reference to TIME's contention that casinos have made a handful of non-Indians extremely rich. However, she did repeat comments she made last week when swearing in the NIGC members and said gaming has helped fund scholarships, improve health care and preserve tribal culture.

NIGC Chairman Phil Hogen will discuss gaming today on Native America Calling. Also appearing on the show is Donald Barlett, one of the authors of the TIME report.

Native America Calling ( airs at 1 p.m. Eastern Standard Time.

TIME Report:
Part 1: Wheel of Misfortune | Part 2: Playing the Political Slots

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