Opinion: Take Indians out of Redskins
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"The little games we play -- toning down words, replacing images of Indian heads on helmets with arrowheads, pretending that the team's name means 'courage' and has nothing to do with American Indians, as owner Dan Snyder does -- suggests a gradual, if still reluctant, realization that there is something wrong with using "Redskins" as a moniker.

But, alas, the very notion of changing the name because American Indians want respect on their own terms is beyond comprehension for many.

Deadskins. Bedsprings. Possums (stink at home, die on the road). Almost any name would be less offensive. If, however, 'Redskins' is here to stay, as Dan Snyder insists, at least take the American Indian out of it. Keep the name, but paint a redskin potato on those helmets.

After all, they can be fried by Cowboys, scalloped by Eagles, mashed by Giants and even skinned themselves."

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Courtland Milloy: Redskins' Name As Unbearable As Their Record (The Washington Post 12/2)

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