On Mascots: 'Redskins' is our n-word
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"For several seasons now, I have rooted against the so-called Redskins, having found it difficult to "love the team but hate the name," as some of my more tolerant Native American friends do. And much to my delight, the team has generally played like the "deadskins," which is what their name actually means.

Hoping that owner Dan Synder would try to change his luck by changing the name, I see now that all he has done is changed coaches while continuing to claim -- with an obviously forked tongue -- that Redskins is somehow a term of endearment.

Talking with some of the hundreds of Native Americans who gathered on the Mall for a national powwow this past weekend, none felt the name was complimentary. One teenager from the Crow tribe did say that he was not fazed one way or the other and noted that "on some reservations, you can see people wearing Redskins caps. It's their way of identifying with the urban scene."

And I can go into any slum where blacks are confined and hear them calling one another "nigger," too. . ."

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Name of the Game For Redskins Is 'Intolerance' (The Washington Post 9/16)

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