Mark Trahant: Bush needs to note success and failure
Monday, October 20, 2003

"What if the news media could find a way to rewrite the master narrative -- our cultural papier-mch� -- so that the story reflected more of that complexity? Would that improve the debate? Could we pay attention to the details?

So much of our discourse about Iraq -- or so it seems to me -- is stuck revisiting why we went to war. Those who are in favor line up on one side; those opposed on the other.

But a richer conversation might start with the administration exploring alternatives about what now, rather than a robust defense of every decision that's already been made. In addition to touting accomplishment, remarkable progress and unanimity of purpose, I'd like to hear about failure, the challenges ahead and a fair reflection of the divisions within the president's circle."

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Mark Trahant: Our cultural papier-m�ch� needs more layers of truth (The Seattle Post-Intelligencer 10/18)

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